River’s Edge inspired garden border with glass marbles and steel fish embellishments, 6 ft length - In stock

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This design was inspired by the annual family trips we’ve taken to the Lake Tahoe area over the last 20 years to see the fall spawning run of the Kokanee Salmon. The path meanders through the Aspen trees and marsh meadows down to the water where you see thousands of colorful salmon. The colored resin catches the light and reflects like a river would do in the sun and the blue marbles are set into holes so the sun will shine through the marbles making them glow. We’ve also added charming little fish that are hand forged by a favorite Etsy seller and have a slight rust to them which make a nice contrast against the shine of the resin and marbles.

Each piece of the garden border is connected by galvanized wire to create a sturdy section. The borders come in ac6 foot length and include 5 galvanized stakes for you to insert in the pre-drilled holes making installation simple and easy. Each piece is made from insect and rot resistant cedar wood and have multiple coats of clear protective finish to protect them from UV rays, water, and fading. The heights and widths of each plank are between 3 1/2” - 6” high.