Picket Fence inspired Garden Border with Crystal embellishments, 6ft length - In stock

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This design is inspired by old white picket fences you often see surrounding old country homes. I love the peeling, crackling paint all along the fence and the rustic feel fences like these give to a cottage, country, or farm house gardens. The shimmering pink crystals remind me of the pink roses that are often found among these fences and they always look so beautiful against the aged white fence.

Pink crystals are included in this design. Please order from the “Made to order” section for additional color options.

Each piece of the garden border is connected by galvanize wire to create a sturdy section. The borders come in a 6ft length and includes 5 galvanized stakes for you to insert in the pre-drilled holes making installation simple and easy. Each piece is made from insect and rot resistant cedar wood and have multiple coats of clear protective finish to protect them from UV rays, water, and fading.

The heights and widths of each plank is 6" high with a gothic cut x 3 ½ wide and 3 1/2" high x 3 1/2" wide alternating planks. Each 6ft length border has 6 planks adorned with a pink crystal embellishment for an extra glimmer for a little unexpected treasure hidden in your garden. Ers